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Hi and welcome to Abbey Gymnastics 2019 - Thursday display viewing gallery.
We apologise for not been able to print on the evening this was due to a technical issue with the printer. However we will continue to offer the show night special offer for all Thursday gymnasts.

Until Saturday 15th June, you can pop by the club and order and receive your photo/s at the desk in the reception area. During the weekday performances this show offer will be available from 6.30pm and on Saturday from 09.30am.
After the last performance until Midnight on Saturday 22nd June 2019 we are also offering you the opportunity to purchase the show day templates.
To order a template after the last show and before the 22nd please view the first image - 0001 to see the templates available. To fulfil an order: select your photo's & template type then email Steve @ [email protected] Please provide the following information:-
1. Name
2. Event name
3. Photo numbers (4 figure number under each photo)
4. Telephone No.
5. Address
CLP will then further edit and crop your images to suit your template design.
Steve will then contact you to arrange payment. Your template will then be produced, printed and posted to you at home. Please note we are not able to provide proofs.
** Again, please note the template offer is only available until 22nd June @ midnight. The offer will then be removed **