Thank you for your patience while we retrieve your images.
Hi all, please accept my sincere apologies for the delay in editing your photo's. As you aware circumstances took over after your photoshoot. I hope you like your collection. I have included some HDR and black and white variations. Likewise if you want any changes or variations made this can be done too. Just let me know what you require.
As a little momento I am designing a'bespoke' (had to get that in just for Iain!) video montage displaying your photo collection. I will get this to you as soon as possible.
Should you require any prints, framing or canvas, I can provide each and each will be at CLP cost - our gift to the Bevington Family.

Thank you for allowing me to visit and capture you special memories.

Best wishes,

Creative Light Photography
Iain & Catie-3Iain & Catie-2Iain & Catie-1Iain & Catie-4Iain & Catie-5Iain & Catie-6Iain & Catie-7Iain & Catie-8Iain & Catie-9Iain & Catie-10Iain & Catie-11Iain & Catie-12Iain & Catie-13Iain & Catie-14Iain & Catie-15Iain & Catie-16Iain & Catie-17Iain & Catie-18Iain & Catie-19Iain & Catie-20