Thank you for your patience while we retrieve your images.

Hi and welcome to the Dromore High 6th Form Formal gallery. We hope you had a great night!
If you did not get a chance to view and purchase your photo's or wish further copies, you can still do so by following the steps below:-
1. Select your photo/s and email Steve at [email protected] the details below -
a. Your name
b. Contact telephone number
c. Photo number (long number below)
d. Size of photo required

The prices for the mounted photo's are as follows:-
6"x4" mounted - £8
9"x6" mounted - £12
12"x8" mounted - £16
Up until the 1st March 2020 only, any orders received will be delivered to the school to save you P&P. After this date orders received will be handled by our third party printers, will be more expensive and incur P&P costs.
Once an order is received I will contact you to take payment prior to sending.
If you have any further queries please email Steve anytime.

Best wishes,