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Hi, and welcome to the NICMAC 2020 Friday competition photos. We hope you enjoyed the day and we're sure you agree all the dancers were fantastic.

Scroll to the bottom for help on photo numbers & approx times.

To order a commemorative photo template (see photo 1 for some samples) simply select the 4 figure number/s and email them along with the NICMAC day*, your name, address & contact number. We will contact you for payment.

Once we receive your order we will choose the appropriate template that will suit your chosen photograph/s - the maximum number in a template is 4 photos. Don't worry, if you like more you can add up to 10 downloads for an additional £15. If you ONLY want the downloads you can have up to 10 photos for £30.

Email Steve at [email protected]

*Please state the NICMAC day with photo numbers as ALL days have the same numbers, we will not know if we have the wrong image as we don't offer proofs.

If you have any queries please contact Steve Ewart on 07966 210 828 to discuss.

Studio Photos:
Morning: 1001 - 1999
Afternoon: 2001 - 2500
Evening: 3001 - 3500

Action Photos:
Morning: 5001 - 7299
Afternoon: 8001 - 9300
Evening: 11001-11230, 4001-4999, 9300 - 9899