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We are often asked whats the value in having your wedding day filmed? Filming a wedding provides a enriched memory of your special day. To see and hear your family and friends and watch how they enjoy your wedding day adds much more than simply photograph. To hear grandparents talking about your special day and offering advice is priceless. Imagine sitting down in years to come and show your children your wedding day. These memories are priceless. So when it comes to deciding if wedding filming is for you, we would say yes.
The techy bit! We only use professional cameras to record your wedding day. We are respectful and discreet in the way we blend into your wedding day. Our current cameras are all Canon including the C100, 1D mark 4, 1Dx mark 2 and Gopro Hero 8 and a range of professional L series lens which capture great footage in all settings include indoor low light.
Your wedding day will be fully edited and presented to you as a polished record of your wedding day. We share your wedding with you via our bespoke digital platform which allows you to view online just like Netflix!, share with family and friends and download as a cherished memory for many years to come.