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Welcome to the photo gallery for Fair Hill Primary School 2018 production of 'Charlie & The Chocolate Factory'.

To order, please email Vicki Ewart at [email protected], please give me the photo code and amount required.
Both the individual and the cast photos are mounted 9"x6" images and will be presented in a commemorative template with the school logo & year. (please see sample)


£25 - DVD & 2 photo
£20 - DVD & 1 photo

£10 - 1 photo (without DVD)
£5 - Additional photos

If you have pre-ordered a DVD with a cast shot, you can have the additional hoodie shot for £5.

Please either call Vicki on 07807 495610 to pay by card or leave envelope with money in for Ena at reception.

kind regards

Steve E, Steve B & Vicki
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