Creative Light Photography & Filming | Fairhill 2018 P7 Charlie & The Chocolate factory
Welcome to the photo gallery for Fair Hill Primary School 2018 production of 'Charlie & The Chocolate Factory'.

To order, please email Vicki Ewart at, please give me the photo code and amount required.
Both the individual and the cast photos are mounted 9"x6" images and will be presented in a commemorative template with the school logo & year. (please see sample)


£25 - DVD & 2 photo
£20 - DVD & 1 photo

£10 - 1 photo (without DVD)
£5 - Additional photos

If you have pre-ordered a DVD with a cast shot, you can have the additional hoodie shot for £5.

Please either call Vicki on 07807 495610 to pay by card or leave envelope with money in for Ena at reception.

kind regards

Steve E, Steve B & Vicki
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