We are pleased to display a selection of photographs taken from St Edmunds Prep School captured by Creative Light Photography. Please feel free to browse and purchase. Note the prices may vary from any offers on the day of the performance.

Note we may not have captured a photograph of every child and take no responsibility if your child was not in school or available for the photographer. We have taken every effort to provide you with a good selection of photographs which we hope you enjoy.
St Edmunds Photographs 2013St Edmunds Prep Mary Poppins 2014St Edmunds Prep 2014 Angel ExpressSt Edmunds EYFS Sports Day 2015St Edmund's 2015 Beauty & The BeastSt Edmunds 2015 Bethlehem NewsOliver! St Edmund's Prep Summer Show 2016St Edmund's 2016 NativitySt Edmund's 2017 Aladdin2017 St Edmund's Christmas PhotosSt Edmund's 2018 MadagascarSt Edmund's Prep Nativity 2018School of Rock 2019St Edmund's Prep Marketing PhotosMay Ball St Edmunds 2016St Edmund's Les Miserables (School Edition) 2017St Ed's May Ball 2019Starlight Express 2018St Edmund's Peter Pan 2019St Edmund's Prep Nativity 2019St Edmund's College me and My Girl 2020